Gavin Cahill
Crafter of Fine Content


This is my website. You’d think I’d talk about me. But no. 

I’m going to talk about french toast. Because french toast is a lot like content.

Think about it. It’s not hard to make french toast that’s “good enough.”

But making great french toast is tricky. And amazing french toast is an art.

Content is the same. It’s not hard to splash around some words and stock photos that can get by.

If you want to make great content, you have to do more. Want simple? Go basic with tons o’ voice. Presenting an idea for a more erudite audience? Couch your central thesis in extravagant vocabulary expertly chosen for their palates.

Anyone can make content. It takes someone with dedication, skill, and that certain flair to make it great.

Just like french toast. So lemme make you some toast.